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"...this gif is heartbreaking to me. changmin looks like he’s about to cry & yunho’s has that look. that look he has when he’s trying to comfort the other members. to let minnie know it’ll be okay. that they’ll make it. i just want yunho to not be so hard on himself. but it’s how he is. he wants to be the best leader. he wants to keep dbsk’s name alive. he always said that, and so far, despite all the shit he’s endured, not only as a member but also as the leader, he’s done it." (x)

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    we have been friends together in sunshine and in shade. ( x)

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    (@mjjeje) This is calling up memories from my mind. — From Inter FM “KOREA ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL K GENERATION, Mar 25, 2007” Junsu: Hello…

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    I just want to say that you’ve worked hard for us. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know you guys as entertainers and thank you for all that you’ve…

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